Additive manufacturing brings flexibility to the manufacturing process that no other technology has been able to.

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Additive Manufacturing Process Chain


  • Design for Additive Manufacturing 
  • Additive Manufacturing Applications Workshops
  • Implementation of principle
  • Light weight design
  • Flexible manufacturing methods 
  • Manufacturing Model Transformation

Additive manufacturing offers potential solutions when conventional manufacturing reaches technological limits. These include a high degree of design freedom, lightweight design, functional integration and rapid prototyping. AM found its added value initially in prototyping. However, the future and growth potential of the technology at a high level lies in direct manufacturing. This includes the production of consumer products, components and parts for industry, such as tools, machine components and other manufacturing aids.The aim of AMP is to make AM technologies more understandable, accessible and implementable to industry. AMP works with companies to develop the most efficient and effect methods and processes to integrate the technology into the production workspace with minimal impact on the current processes.

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The technological perspective: Classification by Application

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Additive manufacturing has moved far beyond its original applications to play an essential role in product lines and production approaches. Besides providing organisations the opportunity to be creative, it has enhanced process chain capabilities. This booklet will give an overview of the required steps to introduce additive manufacturing in your current process chain and how additive technologies create value with its unique capabilities given the proper preconditions.

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