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Vasos Arnaoutis

MEET THE TEAM Vasos Arnaoutis, Project Manager Welcome! You are here to learn something for me, so let’s begin with my name; VasosArnaoutis. Before moving in the Netherlands for my Master’s in System and Control at theUniversity of Delft, I graduated from University of Surrey in the UK with a Bachelor’s inMechanical Engineering. Now, here […]

Maaike Slot

MEET THE TEAM Maaike Slot, Program Manager As a child I loved playing with Lego. I randomly picked pieces from my Lego-filled treasure chest and started to build things. This treasure chest formed the basis for my interest in trying things out, finding solutions to problems and building stuff. I started at the University by […]

TEAM_Jornt van Dijk

MEET THE TEAM Jornt van Dijk, Program Manager During my study to become an industrial design engineer, I realized that today’s society is becoming more dynamic and interconnected every day. In industry, this creates new and complex challenges that can’t always be solved by conventional thinking. This realization gave me the insight on what kind […]

Ivana Mishikj

MEET THE TEAM Ivana Mishikj, Program Manager Let me introduce myself. My name is Ivana and I am an engineer with almost a decade of diverse work experience in different fields and industries. When I was young, I was always intrigued by Einstein’s quote; “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” My journey […]


MEET THE TEAM Angus Fitzpatrick, Program Manager Additive manufacturing is something that I have worked with since I finished my undergrad, and since then I haven’t turned back. Why did I do this? Because I believe it is something that is going to be a big part of manufacturing in the future. It has been […]