Knowledge transfer plays a key role
in driving innovation.

The AMC Knowledge Hub understands the value of life-long learning and the importance of unlocking the potential of the individual. We accomplish this through workshops, trainings and hands-on learning. Our cutting-edge technological knowledge, directly from the intensive research environment of our AMC, is brought into the industrial environment to create smarter, better and faster products, technologies and processes.

Our inhouse researchers-trainers and expert partners from industry and knowledge institutes offer up-to-the-minute training in new advances in manufacturing, ensuring your people are fully conversant with the latest technology and the most current processes. We offer opportunities to learn about advanced technologies and how to smoothly integrate these into your manufacturing processes. We consult and advise our client and partners on the implementation of these in an industrial environment. Our training offer consists of webinars, workshops, trainings, certified courses, blogs from industry-experts, and more.

AMC offers certified courses, such as the INC Chief Technology Manager course.

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Future-proof your workforce to stay competitive in a fast changing industry.

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