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Machine learning in FEA: a second order black box

I grew up in an age where finite element analysis was performed on paper, in many parts of the world. 

Bridging the gap between WAAM and software

Although I have known of MX3D for some time, my first interaction with the company came at the FromNext exhibition in 2019 when I came across their stand.

Technological innovation - a make or break catalyst for modern day business triumphs

Like the Industrial Revolution that we saw three centuries ago, the world has been undergoing a new technological revolution over the past decade.

Industry 4.0 can make 'the world more sustainable'

The world is currently facing many enormous challenges. Many that can be traced back to the need for a more sustainable world.

Additive manufacturing: advances in post processing technology

Advances and developments in additive manufacturing technologies have seen rapid growth in the past decade. 

The importance of organisational innovation and learning

As highlighted in an earlier blog, a McKinsey Global Innovation Survey show that while 84% of executives deem innovation as critical for success fewer than 6% of them are satisfied with their organizations innovation performance.

Looking beyond rapid prototyping and end use consumer parts: 3D printing applications in the workshop and factory environment

Critics of additive manufacturing technologies often make comment that they will never be fast enough for large volume mass production of parts.

Industry 4.0: transitioning to autonomy

For managers of organizations looking to adopt automation in their manufacturing practice, understanding what technology is needed and how an organization needs to change can be difficult.

Elevating the next generation of engineers, preparing them for industry

Most knowledge and specific work-related skills are learned on the job. 

Innovation is crucial for growth

By definition, “to innovate” means to make a change to something that is existing by adding new methods, ideas, or products.

Future of Industry 4.0: the post covid-19 paradigm

Currently we are still in the survival stages of the pandemic, with a few regions beginning to return to the new ‘normal’ of life with an active pandemic in place.

The technology of the future is changing business today

Advances in digital technology has undoubtably been the biggest enabler in the increased pace and globalisation of modern business.

Additive manufacturing, an emerging hero in crisis situations

Additive manufacturing technologies have rapidly become a vital tool in assisting in response to the current COVID19 virus crisis. 

Industry 4.0 entry barriers helping you capture your future value

When searching the internet and other sources for practical information on applying Industry 4.0 principles and technologies, the overabundance of information and solutions can be overwhelming.

Industry 4.0: What is it and what questions should my company be asking?

Manufacturing has evolved from steam-powered mechanical systems in the first industrial revolution, through to mass production on assembly lines at the change of the 20th century.

Additive manufacturing: is your company to up to date with what's available and where to use it?

Light weighting and stiffness optimisation of parts and tools, totally customised fixtures and jigs for a unique application and eradication of waste when using expensive metals and alloys.

Subtractive to additive. A shift in the way we manufacture the world around us

Additive manufacturing technologies are rapidly maturing and becoming essential in many markets to capturing and maintaining a competitive advantage.