March 2021


Boosting Industrial Growth with Emerging Technologies

Together with regional government and partners, the Fraunhofer Project Center (FPC) has developed the Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP) to establish a transitional framework towards Manufacturing 4.0 and empowering manufacturing industries in the Eastern part of the Netherlands.


The Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP) provides subsidies through the RegioDeal supported by the Province of Overijssel and the Dutch state. It aims to encourage rapid development of Twente and other regions in the East Netherlands by forming an Advanced Manufacturing hub with an outward looking European image. With this the AMP greatly enhances the region’s reputation and business climate.


Within the AMP, the Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente develops innovation projects around manufacturing technology themes. Every AMP project is built around solid industrial collaboration, empowering companies with relevant knowledge and new technological and industrial methodologies, Through the hub, these can be shared with other high-tech manufacturing industries in the region.


Member companies’ of the AMP can solve their specific technology problems and answer their market-oriented questions. This is achieved by developing and creating demonstrators that offer participating companies direct technological insight. FPC then utilises workshops and master classes to further disseminate this newly acquired knowledge.


Together, Fraunhofer Project Center and industries can significantly combine to create industrial technology solutions that meet the challenges of a constantly changing global environment.


Here are some project opportunities that we are currently seeking collaboration on, benefitting from our extensive network to achieve applicable solutions for your business:

3D Rendering of digital hologram earth with wire frame and glowi

As traditional manufacturing plants are transforming into smart factories, new skills will be required as the industry focuses on innovation to drive productivity and competitiveness. We are looking to create project collaborations that focus on knowledge transfer towards future-proofing the workforce.

We are interested to discuss with companies whose work includes the field of synthetic environments (human-computer/ human machine interaction), or in R&D (digital twinning, software development), or companies that have experience in transferring knowledge to manufacturing industry.

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Energy and resource management are among the top priorities of manufacturing companies with many seeking ways to monitor and improve their efficiencies. We are working towards a scalable decision-making support tool for energy and resource management efficiency compatible with an organisation’s current digital infrastructure.

Participating companies can expect recommended scenarios with indication on how to improve their energy and resource efficiency, transparency in the way their energy and resources are utilized, and scalable decision-making support tools for energy and resource management efficiency compatible with their current digital infrastructure.

Fraunhofer Project Center can support this process through research and assessment of the current state of the company, and planning, organizing and executing the necessary workshops and training regarding the topic, as well as providing a technology (software, system) advisor, creation of proof of concept, and support in the implementation phase.

For more projects available for collaborations, please visit  Projects For Collaborations