September 2021


Shop floor in control

Written by: Eric Klement
Director Sales
Smart Production Solutions

As the manufacturing industry shifts towards high technology becoming common place, many changes and transitions will have to be carefully

managed. New processes, business models and best practices will have to be adapted and created to enable maximum utilisation and capability of new technology. Navigating this change requires strong thought leadership from our industry managers and support in digitisation across different levels of a business.


Supporting and enabling change in the rapidly evolving digital manufacturing world is something that Smart Production Solutions has been carefully developing to enable manufacturers to thrive in an evolving industry. Thought leadership relies on strong collaboration from both business

leaders and industry technology experts in designing and managing change. It requires constant consultation and feedback from all stakeholders involved, to tailor a solution that is a bespoke fit for a business’ unique needs and circumstances.



Prior to any groundwork being undertaken, solid thought leadership involves developing strong long-term strategies that will create a foundation for setting and achieving goals and objectives on an advanced manufacturing journey. Establishing such well-designed frameworks support and

guide the implementation of what can be complex projects. From early-stage digitization through to providing the app-based tools and systems needed to a create smart and efficient information flow, Smart Production Solutions have proven how critical this collaborative and holistic approach is.


Smart Production Solutions supports manufacturers towards the upcoming world of Artificial Intelligence. To rely on Artificial Intelligence, data is necessary. Smart Production Solutions provides and gathers all kinds of necessary and crucial data created on the shopfloor. Smart Production Solutions guides it customers in close cooperation during this journey towards Smart Industry.


Like every journey starts with the first step, the first step for manufacturers would be the digitalising of the shop floor. Nowadays, many  manufacturers have a shop floor that is controlled by a paper flow. A way of control that is time consuming and inefficient. Time consuming because of overwriting and inefficient because information is delayed and not accessible for statistics.


Smart Production Solutions helps its customers, with apps bundled in the Smart Production Suite, gaining control of the shop floor by digitising the shop floor. Control resulting in, on the long term: 

• Increase of efficiency

• Shorter throughput times

• 100% digital processes


On the short term, almost immediately when implemented:

• No more overtyping of paperwork

• Realtime insight in performance shopfloor

• Actual hours automatically booked on workorders

• Direct signalising in case of breakdown or quality issues


The Smart Production Suite


The Smart Production Suite supports the creation of a paperless shop floor. The Smart Production Suite is a bundle of smart intuitive apps providing people on the shop floor with the right information at the right time. Work instructions, drawings, tutorials… all provided digitally with the latest actual revisions. Apps that will assist people on the shop floor with easy and fast registration of time, material usage and possible feedback. The apps are designed to improve efficiency on the shop floor and shorten lead-times.



Highlighting 2 apps of the Smart Production Suite:


StockControl supports easy registration of warehouse movements, goods received and pick orders and will replace all kinds of (written) lists.


StockControl is fed with realtime information from ERP or JobControl. In ERP or JobControl the warehouse movements are triggered and will be presented, based on selection criteria (like supplier, date, location, employee etc.), to warehouse employees. Transactions are easily registered by “clicking” on for instance a tablet. ERP will be updated realtime, giving you full overview of material movements. All pick orders, warehouse transactions and goods received are listed and presented based on priorities ensuring that material shortage is no longer a problem.

• Goods received

• Issuing / picking materials

• Request of materials


JobControl replaces job lists, planning lists, handwritten notes for hours registration, quality forms and material lists. With the assistance of JobControl, the shop floor will receive digital job lists, sequenced based on your own priorities. Jobs will be enriched with digital information like BOM, work instructions, manuals and drawings. Time spent and materials used will be recorded by simple “clicking” by the operators. All information will be sent back realtime to ERP, making sure that you have continuous insight in statuses of workorders and material movements.

• Realtime control of shop floor based on planning & scheduling

• Registration of man and machine hours

• Digital drawings

• Registration of scrap and deviations

App & running methodology

The Smart Production Solutions apps are intuitive; the implementation will be carried out quickly and efficiently. Compare it with apps on your mobile; easy to install and ready to be used right away. The same counts for the apps of Smart Production Solutions. A typical project requires 1 days effort of Smart Production Solutions and the shopfloor will be up and running within 1 month.

4 steps for app & running implementation method:

1. Workshop

The workshop is intended to introduce the apps to future users. During the workshop, together we will decide how the apps should be configured. With the emphasis on together: discussing as many situations on the work floor as possible on the one hand and ensuring  that the apps are embedded in daily usage of your operators on the other.


2. Configuration

In the configuration phase, the app is configured as agreed during the workshop. Resulting in apps that are supporting the processes on the shop floor of your organisation.

3. Installation

During the installation, the specified locations of your organisation are processed in the URL’s of the apps. These URL’s are then installed on the devices you have suggested. Because the apps are completely Cloud based, all kinds of devices can be used; touchscreen TVs, laptops, IPads or just the current PCs that you already have.


4. Go Live

We believe in the “train the trainer” principle.

The apps are equipped with management

tools that allow you to manage the apps

independently. By transferring the knowledge

to designated employees, enriched with

documentation, we ensure that the knowledge

is and will be present within your organisation.



The range of agricultural machinery is extensive, and the machines can be specifically adapted to the circumstances of the end user. The Evers machines can be ordered through our own dealer network, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The development, sales, production and after sales service take place from the location in Almelo. Last year we have improved the efficiency and output in our production. To improve production output and efficiency we use various techniques. These techniques are amongst others the use of analysis techniques and production support

techniques. Therefore, we have to measure our production in SPS. 



The apps are fully integrated with Infor, Exact and Ridder iQ. Join one of the monthly webinars. Follow us on:


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