Future-Proof your workforce

As the rate of technological development continues to accelerate, it is vital that manufacturers and their workforce are kept up to date with the latest trends and technologies. At the Advanced Manufacturing Center, we are committed to offering a future-forward training solution to individuals and organisations alike.

Success starts with quality professional training. Our innovation programs take a collaboration-first approach to helping your organisation to get future fit.

Leveraging on our internal expertise and our expansive network, we are able to draw on a wealth of world class resources, links and partnerships to create a custom approach to learning and development that is tailored to your business needs.

Why train with us?

  • Relevant technological courses that directly impacts organisational needs,
  • Content developed by industry qualified professionals,
  • The appropriate level, with courses for novices, intermediates and advanced disciplines,
  • Highly interactive sessions to encourage active participation,
  • Our front-line trainers have the professional know-how.

Do have specific training questions or require customise training or workshop for your workforce? Contact us for a discussion. We are able to create instructor-supported and tailored courses according to your organisation’s learning goals.