Friday, July 10, 2020

Robin-Louise Beijer

Robin-Louise Beijer

Frauhofer Project Center

Toni Drescher

Toni Drescher

KEX Knowledge Exchange AG

Supply and demand issues in critical medical and personal protective equipment has become a huge problem during the management of the Covid-19 pandemic. Problems and challenges exist on both the supplier and consumer sides and a need has formed for a more integrated and stronger regional approach to building supply networks across nation borders and around Europe. 

As businesses are re-opening, they need to ensure the wellbeing of employees is maintained, while business and operations continuity safeguarded. To assist and support business as they enter the #COVID-19 “Return to the workplace” phase, an initiative has been started by Fraunhofer Project Center and KEX Knowledge Exchange AG that aims to provide coordination, global procurement and supported local production, through a centralised supply and demand platform. The new platform allows for an efficient match making between the supply of manufacturers both local and globally with the fluctuating demand of those in need of approved protective equipment, especially in unpredictable bottle-necking situations.

The platform,, enables demand of equipment to be managed through a systematic consolidation of needs that can be managed efficiently. With a such a system, the aim is to promptly source and deliver medical supplies to bottlenecked healthcare centres pre-emptively on-time, instead of trying to catch-up after the peak of the demand surge. Working with Unite4Covid, the initiative of DSM, the platform will ensure that supplied equipment is certified, safe and approved for its intended use.  

“Currently, nobody knows how long COVID-19 will continue without medical resolve or to what extents the impacts will last. Global economies and many organisations will be living with the ramifications for long after the pandemic ends. The business’ that will feel the hurt the most will be those that experienced business inactivity or slowdown due to the restrictions applied during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Now in the recovery phase, as businesses return to work, they have to ensure that their employees are confident that they will not be exposed to undue risk. To enable workplace readiness, employers need to provide amble protective equipment, such as masks and disinfectant, to employees. We all want everyone to get back to work and start rebuilding the industry of The Netherlands. To assist businesses to resume safely,, aims to ensure the support required.” explained Robin Louise Beijer, Head of Operations, Medical Supply Platform, Strijdcorona.NL

“It is critically important for businesses to minimise the exposure risk for employees to return to the workplace. We, KEX Knowledge Exchange AG, combined our learnings and insights with our partner Fraunhofer Project Center, to ensure the outstanding quality of our protection supplies. 

With their Dutch industry network, we are able to support the Dutch businesses back to recovery.”. Quote by Toni

Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente are working to support industries across Netherlands to safely “Return to the workplace”. 

To find out more about the platform visit Alternatively, contact Robin Louise, Head of Operations, Medical Supply Platform, Strijdcorona.NL. at