Thursday, January 28, 2021

InnovatieNu is an initiative of the Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) and published through the Fraunhofer Project Center team. The AMC is an open innovation hub for digital transition in manufacturing, developing pathways towards smarter industry. Their core activities consist of applications research, demonstrators, and knowledge transfer (

The current edition of the magazine is to be the first of a quarterly sequence. Each edition features a manufacturing-related trend or topic that will be dissected and discussed from varying perspectives as they relate to different sectors and levels across the manufacturing industry.
It is envisaged that all manufacturing divisions will find significant value in the wide range of topics that are being prepared for publication, particularly as many of them are being written by industry experts with hands-on, practical experience.


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“I am proud to announce the development of our magazine with industry relevant -and approved- content. Our aim is to inspire businesses to look at their processes from another perspective and see the potential of smart manufacturing for their own company.”

– Dr. Biba Visnjicki, Managing Director

The magazine is designed to highlight the integration of knowledge into real life business solutions, encouraging a life-long learning mentality across manufacturing industries.

“Pioneering new technologies elicits interest from innovative companies. Developing a magazine around these topics makes our knowledge and experience, and those of our industry partners, accessible for everyone.”

– Prof. Dr. Ian Gibson, Scientific Director & Professor, Design Engineering @ University of Twente

InnovatieNu’s first issue contains the leadership insight into the vision of AMC and the role it will play in driving the digital transformation of industries across Europe. Another featured article discusses the impact of Advanced Manufacturing and how this affects European companies involved in the manufacturing industry right now.


The initial concept and ongoing development of the magazine focuses on timely and incisive material that is of value to anyone involved in manufacturing. The editorial team expects InnovatieNu to provide an accessible platform for the exchange of new and better ideas that showcase innovation wherever it occurs across the advanced manufacturing arena.


The magazine will be available in print and also online, where it can be found in the Library of our Knowledge Hub on the AMC website.

The next issue of InnovatieNu will be delivered Spring 2021.