Through cutting-edge technological knowledge and industrial collaborations, Fraunhofer Project Center accelerates new technologies and business solution to market for the benefit of the manufacturing industries.

Projects for collaboration

Together, Fraunhofer Project Center (FPC) and industries can significantly contribute to creating industrial technology solutions and meet the challenges of a constantly changing global environment. We offer industries the opportunity to collaborate and benefit from our extensive network to achieve applicable solutions for your business.

Projects in progress

Powered by the AMP, Fraunhofer Project Center develops innovation projects around manufacturing technology themes. Every AMP project is built around solid industrial collaboration, empowering companies with relevant knowledge and new technological and industrial methodologies.

Projects by Fraunhofer Project Center

Read how Fraunhofer Project Center works with industries to create industrial solutions that are implementable and effective.

Development of innovative materials for Polaroid.


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Driving quality and cost efficiency for the aerospace industry.

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Visualisation to aid the decision making process.


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