The Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) is involved in a wide range of advanced manufacturing projects. Below are descriptions of new projects where we are looking for collaboration and partners. If you are interested to know more about any of them, please feel free to contact us. 

Flexible Routing

Optimization of the capacity planning for the machine can be a solution to the increasing demand for flexibility, including high product variance and ability to respond to unpredicted external factors. This can be achieved by flexible routing. Find out how your production environment can benefit from the flexible routing implementation

In-Line Quality Control

Throwing away and reworking products because they do not pass quality inspection at the end of the line, results in high costs for process owners due to wasted value-added time or resources. The in-line quality control project looks at ways to improve the quality during and at the end of the production process aligning to manufacturing 4.0

Implementing Maintenance 4.0

Predictive maintenance, or maintenance 4.0, will help you in predicting potential failures, and as a result, you’ll be able to save time and money by reducing unplanned breakdowns and unnecessary preventive maintenance while increasing production. The challenges associated with successful implementation of maintenance 4.0 are complicated, which can present as an obstacle to companies.

Learn more about maintenance 4.0 and how we can work with you to implement it within your business requirements

Energy and Resource Management

Energy and resource management is among the top priorities of  manufacturing companies. Many are continuously seeking ways to monitor and improve their energy and resource management efficiency. We are working towards a scalable decision-making support tool for energy and resource management efficiency compatible with an organisation’s current digital infrastructure.

Data-driven learning environment

As manufacturing traditional plants are transforming into smart factories, new skills will be required as the industry will increasingly focus on innovation to drive productivity and competitiveness. We are driving to create a project collaboration that focuses on the knowledge transfer in aid of future-proofing the workforce.

Projects by Fraunhofer Project Center

Read how Fraunhofer Project Center works with industries to create industrial solutions that are implementable and effective.

Development of innovative materials for Polaroid.


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Driving quality and cost efficiency for the aerospace industry.

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Visualisation to aid the decision making process.


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