Data-driven learning environment

The continuous and rapid evolution and progression of technology in all levels of the society requires the people to develop different set of skills, while many of them are still trying to overcome the knowledge gaps created with it. The new and old generation of workforce in the companies, especially those of the Industry 4.0 domain, are faced with a challenge to develop new competences and adjust to the fast changes in the market demands.


To successfully face these challenges the companies and their staff need support to quickly acclimatize to the new technology and data driven era, and to adjust the competence building (knowledge transfer) to the customer needs and desires, as well as to enable life-long learning by creating an on-demand learning environment that is merging the on-site and digital way of learning while providing hands-on experience from the comfort of peoples’ homes.


The aim of this project is to develop:

  • collaborative network, an ecosystem that will enable seamless exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas between individuals, companies, knowledge institutions and research centers from any part of the world,
  • a loop of knowledge flow that can address the needs of different generations and bridge the gaps that were created in the past, and also
  • new set of tools for knowledge transfer that will enhance the experience of the user and will address the individual needs.

The project activities are of various types and include research and development of the state-of-the-art knowledge transfer tools, building demonstrators that can showcase how new I4.0 technologies can enhance the learning experience (remote lab, virtual shopfloor visit and interaction with machines), as well as development of onsite and online learning environment tools.


The benefits that this brings to the company are numerous:

  • visibility and promotion of the company as partner of the Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC),
  • connection to other companies from the AMC,
  • deeper understanding of the technology that will be developed,
  • enhanced knowledge on building educational tool and frameworks, and
  • worldwide visibility on the competence building platform and connection to regular users.

We are interested in collaboration with companies whose work includes the field of synthetic environments (human-computer/ human-machine interaction), or the field of R&D (digital twinning, software development), or company that has experience in transferring knowledge to manufacturing industry.


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