Is your business ready for Additive Manufacturing?

The Additive Manufacturing Implementation Investigation (AMII) is an assessment and introduction to the potential advantages that Additive Manufacturing can provide for your industry, exploring a variety of technologies tailored to your goals and needs. There is no need for previous experience, knowledge or equipment, Fraunhofer Project Center will help you determine if and how you can benefit from Additive Manufacturing.

AMII looks at a number of factors within your organisation to determine how AM can streamline your process and supply chains, as well as provide new business opportunities.

It’s not easy to understand how to unlock the benefits of Additive Manufacturing so before we embark on AMII, we should go through an initial discovery process with you to evaluate if and how you could gain from a full implementation investigation.

At the end of the AMII, you will receive a detailed report on
  • Your current AM status
  • The gaps between your current operation and your company’s goals
  • A clear and manageable ‘Implementation Roadmap” outlining recommended steps to reach each goal

The report will provide a range of recommendations on how you can successfully use AM to improve your current workflow, increase your competitiveness and elevate your business.

Your custom-built ‘Implementation Roadmap’ will provide clear goals with an action plan on how to achieve them. A training program will also be included, tailored to the current needs and understanding of your staff. It will assist them in connecting to the Roadmap.

A BOOST Smart Industry Voucher could help you get started. For more information, visit ‘BOOST Smart Industry Voucher
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