Prepare for the Future with Industry 4.0

What is an Industry 4.0 audit?

The advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution has redefined entire industries through major technological advances. To survive in the modern industrial environment, it’s more critical than ever before to adapt to the newest trends in automation and digitisation.


An Industry 4.0 Audit evaluates your business to help you gain a more precise understanding of where you stand in your industry—both locally and internationally.


Our experts present a plan that tracks your business’s maturity level, revealing how you can achieve your full potential through Advanced Manufacturing. This analysis will make you aware of where your company’s infrastructure is thriving and the areas that could use some innovative intervention.

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What steps does an Industry 4.0 audit take?

Presented by the Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente, our comprehensive process specialises in providing an industry-specific roadmap for the future success of your business. Industry 4.0 technologies optimise production with quality management tools to secure a sustainable, competitive advantage.

Quick Scan is a free onsite evaluation that allows us to create a tailor-made plan for your company by developing a well-honed understanding of your full potential.

Current State Analysis expertly maps out your business, its production supply chains, and operations, to discover new opportunities for digital transformation.

Benchmark and Gap Analysis identifies and bridges gaps and weaknesses in your operations while accounting for your competitive environment and position within your particular industry.

Roadmap Development is a custom-made blueprint that outlines necessary goals via an actionable plan to achieve your desired level of digitisation and Industry 4.0 maturity.

These insights, among others, will help you leverage new opportunities for the future growth of your business. In addition to our evaluation, we offer optional services to help guide you through implementation.

Our implementation support consists of:

Implementation Support is available through our research engineers who recommend suppliers, ensure best practices, and offer project management strategies for improved quality systems.

Competence Development reveals competency gaps and customises training sessions and workshops to assist your staff in their development within the new digital environment.

Post Implementation Review debriefs your management team on how to continuously review your current state to accommodate new value opportunities and recognise the latest advances and methodologies.

What are the benefits of an Industry 4.0 audit?

In the coming years, rapid digital integration will continue to transform manufacturing. Recognising how your firm can identify, strategise, and understand the value of modern advanced technology is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. Fortunately, an Industry 4.0 Audit will help you solve tomorrow’s problems before they occur.


After undertaking the Industry 4.0 Audit, you will have the blueprint necessary to help you enjoy considerably enhanced productivity and operational efficiencies. Further development of these foundations will allow you to transition to improved predictability through interconnected data across applied systems, enabling data-informed decision-making across diverse applications.

Your company’s path to success depends on:


  • The strategic direction and commitment of C-level managers.
  • The correct identification of where and how digital manufacturing can create and apply business value, motivation, and enthusiasm.
  • The accumulation of robust data and a strong IT infrastructure and dedicated data architecture.
  • Technical, managerial, and transformational capabilities.
  • Understanding and proper execution of advancements and technological solutions.

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