Prepare for the Future with Industry 4.0

Why Undertake an Industry 4.0 Audit?

To stay competitive in our dynamic 21st Century marketplaces, we all recognise that technologies, processes and techniques are rapidly changing.  In the old days, if you were late adopting an innovation, you generally had time, sometimes decades, to catch up. In 2020, things have changed.  Miss one innovation and you could be fighting to maintain your current status.  Miss two and you could be fighting to save your company.

An Industry 4.0 Audit provides you with an in-depth look at your organization and where it sits within your industry.  You will learn of technological advances that could help you gain an edge over your competitors, locally and on the world stage. You will become aware of the areas of your company’s infrastructure that are thriving and other areas that could use some innovative intervention.

After undertaking the Industry 4.0 Audit, you will gain a clear understanding of your production processes and how they relate to industry standards, with a view to seeking innovative solutions to new and existing problems. This insight allows you more concise and informed decision-making.  It also gives you a better understanding of how potential and existing innovations can improve your processes, which, in turn, can favourably impact your bottom line.

The end phase of the Industry 4.0 Audit provides your company with a detailed road-map describing the necessary steps towards digital transformation.

Entrepreneurs in the Eastern Netherlands who are interested in an audit can benefit from a BOOST Smart Industry Voucher. For more information, visit ‘BOOST Smart Industry Voucher
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  • The strategic direction  and commitment of the C level managers

  • Where and how digital manufacturing will create business value, motivation and enthusiasm for people to make it happen.

  • Robust data,  IT infrastructure and dedicated Data architecture,

  • Avoid patchy solutions that are bottlenecks for scaling on the factory level.

  • Technical, managerial, and transformational capabilities

  • Understand and execute the changes.

Entrepreneurs in the Eastern Netherlands who are interested in an audit can benefit from a BOOST Smart Industry voucher. For more information, you can visit BOOST Smart Industry Voucher